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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Meet Thy Doom

Well, that's 2011 wrapped up, we'd like to give a thanks to everyone who helped us out in anyway with gigs, gear and buying us drinks, a big fuck off to all the wyrm tongued scum who did none of the above and spent their time like hairy aersed fishwives gossiping on facebook (We simply despair, at the state of Bwwwwwwwwwitain today! Oh lordy!). 2012 will herald our second year of active gigging again, and we're looking forward to meeting alot of folks around Europe and the UK. Here's a few snaps of the rehearsal we had as a full line up whilst Admiral P. Kearns was in the vicinity. Our collective ears are still bleeding, and we laughed heartily at the complaints from two bands in rooms either side of us that we were "Drowning them out". The soft bastards. We also have a large amount of video footage from said rehearsal. but, because of our "Overkill" attitude when it comes to volume, the sound is completely bombed out and distorted. It's fucking great!! Sounds like the epic metal nuclear carpet bombing of Iraq! We will upload some onto youtube when we find a decent video editing programme.

Stuff. No idea what it does. It has pretty lights though.
Andy forages for his dropped roll up.
Paul again gives in to hunger, and eats the Mic.
Paul sniffs the Mic, unsure if the old singer stuck it up his aerse.
Lenny, pretending to look tired after 14 hours driving. The idle bastard.
Del has a sudden brainwave, and waves his sticks about.
Del waves his sticks faster, trying to fly.
He's still not taken off yet.
"Good evening ladies"
Lenny puts the evil eye on the fan.