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Monday, 3 March 2014

Operational Update 3.3.2014

And so, it's been a hellishly busy few months for us shipping orders, a few gigs around Europe, and generally putting the house in order for future endeavours. But before we go any further, we would like to thankyou everyone for their support the last 6 months, it's been truly incredible. Thankyou to the countless people who have sent us messages with links to reviews, and especially to all of you who bought a physical copy of the record, tape or Compact Disc. The response surpassed our expectations, and we are now down to our last 20 or so copies of the vinyl. Once these are gone, they are gone, and we do not forsee a repress anytime in the immediate future on the vinyl format.

The Compact Disc version is now available from INTO THE VOID Records, and you can order it directly from them, or numerous other mail orders such as Black Tears in the UK. We ourselves will have a small amount of copies at future gigs as long as it stays in print. 

Also, after much fucking around, we finally have our online merch store running, the link is to the left listed as unsurprisingly, "Solstice merch". The settings however still need to be tweaked a little, but all should be working fine anyway. We would like to say though, that we always refund postage and packing differences if we see that folks have been charged too much shipping costs. The refund will be made before orders are actually shipped.

In the store, we now have the new "DEATH'S CROWN IS VICTORY" full colour shirts, you can actually order them slightly cheaper by contacting us directly rather than using the store, but if you hate the idea of typing emails like most people do then the store is for you!! The shirts are a work of art in themselves, beautifully printed to a standard barely seen in Europe, and we feel they stand head and shoulders above most other bands merchandise in quality, and they are cheaper!! North American customers have the option to order a shirt of this design directly from Nightgaunt Graphics where the ever reliable Mr. Adam Grimm has been toiling away in his screen print dungeon to recreate Chris Smiths artwork on a fine garment.

Finally, as well as announcing some more gigs shortly, we are pleased to say that we will reissue 1996's "HALCYON" Mini LP as a one time pressing of 500 copies on Black Vinyl shortly, featuring all new Martin Hanford artwork, the record will have all 5 tracks from the session and a sixth bonus track in the form of the Chiswick Reach Studio Demo version of "Winter Moon Rapture" From 1994. For us, this is our favourite version, recorded in a vintage studio using all analog equipment, it oozes warmth and heaviness. Killer stuff to be sure, and never pressed onto vinyl mysteriously!

Staying with the 1990's incarnations of the band, we've finally got around to uploading all the demo and rare tracks onto Bandcamp as two volumes, under the titles of "Sinistral History" Vol.1 & 2. From the origins of the band in those first few years as pure Candlemass/Saint Vitus worship, to the mid to late 90's when we found our own identity - all of the tracks were remastered by Michael Hahn at Rosenquarz Studio in Germany. Cheaply priced, because they are not only just a collection of old recordings, but only a  digital download for now, if you ever wanted these tracks in better quality then this may interest you. The SOLSTICE bandcamp page is linked on the right also....

So until the next update, remember to drink Grumpy Johns Cider, and watch the skies!!