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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Operational Update 23.01.14

We are currently in the process of having the new shirts made, the above depicts the new shirt design on a test print. Though we have still to receive two more tests which will decide which print process we will use on the finished shirt, the final product will have the logo in black not orange.

Though we are not taking pre-orders, as we hold strictly the ideal that no one should pay in advance for something that is NOT actually made, we will happily take advance payment from anyone wishing to obtain a shirt in sizes above XL, as these will be made to order only. Contact the Solstice command bunker at

All other shirts will be available in the standard, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes

The larger strip patches will be ready early next week, and we'll happily combine shipping on shirts and patches, a full breakdown of shipping costs will be published very soon for the UK, the EU and one standard rate to cover everywhere else across the metal globe. Payments can be made via the medium of paypal.

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to last weekends Italian show, we had a great time courtesy of our hosts at MG productions!! Naturally, Dark Quarterer were simply fucking amazing live as always, and we will attempt to get them to the North of England very soon!!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Stitched Up A Treat

The first of the new patch designs will be available from this weekend at forthcoming live gigs, measuring 3 inches in diameter and embroidered onto black faux leather with a felt backing, these look truely amazing. The second design, the band logo patch in the same colour and on the same material will measure 10 inches x 2 inches. Pictures as soon as we have 'em!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Uneducated Thugs & Boorish Loudmouths

It's been a strange few months, with response to the last record being frankly incredible. The first vinyl pressing selling out in 5 days, and now the second pressing not even received from the pressing plant but being close to selling out already. Naturally we are busy working on new songs for the next record as there would seem to be no need to dwell in the past, and every need to push forward. But, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have made this possible.

To obtain a copy of the vinyl version, please go to these dealers :

EAT METAL (Greece)

On the merchandise front, we have received alot of requests for Shirts and patches, these are currently in production also, the DCIV Mini LP sleeve design will be available soon from NIGHTGAUNT in the USA, and we are just negotiating a deal with a European company who will we feel offer the best option for Europeans. Patches we will be selling at live shows, or mailorder if folks are desperate to own one. But please be advised that shipping costs from the UK are expensive.

On the live front, we will be in Italy in two weeks, and Ireland in February, Greece will be happening in May, and in-between that, or later depending on what time we can get away from our other concerns, we will be announcing some more shows around Europe. As for the UK, we will be playing London and Bradford again very soon also. Bradford in particular will be of interest as we intend to host a few small shows that will be free entry with two other bands on each one purely for the hell of it.

As we played a small show in Bradford at the weekend, it bought back many happy memories of all the small club/pub gigs we were playing 20 years ago, how time fly's when your having fun....but it also bought home the reality that most bands we see these days refuse to play to 2 men and a dog because they feel it's beneath them. This attitude is bollocks, even if only 1 person was there, they would still get the same show from us the same as 1000 people would. And on that note, we shall leave you until the next update..