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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Noise Is For Heroes.

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After some fucking around, here is the player from myspace site. Very soon we will add some rehearsal versions of both old and new tracks for your listening (Dis)pleasure. Although it has to be said that the new line up plays these songs slightly different (yes, that's right, in time and in the correct key this time!!) they are still indictive of the bands overall sound. Nothing has changed, except, we're better looking.

For this reason alone, and contrary to an earlier post we will keep the myspace site alive only to use the free media player. News updates will be posted on here first. Please let it also be said, that facebook is a pile of shite as well, full of gossiping fishwives and other losers.

We will also be ammending our upcoming shows list shortly for 2011. Our sincerest apologies for the postponement of an appearence at HELL'S PLEASURE Festival, but circumstance dictates that we cannot attend this year. However, we should be there in 2012, which is only 18 months away. Also keep your eyes peeled in the Yorkshire and Midlands areas, as we will be playing a number of gigs under two different psuedonymns  opening up as many small shows possible for the hell of it. All the more reason to get out to clubs and support some local bands, right folks?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

"NEW DARK AGE" Vinyl LP Reissue

After a decade of been out of print, the album is finally reissued on vinyl by the incredibly
excellent BURIED BY TIME & DUST Records in the USA. Remastered, this pressing is different to the original METAL SUPREMACY pressing from 2000. The main points of note been -

*Heavyweight case wrapped sleeve
*Foil stamped logo and main title
*180g Black vinyl
*8 page Full colour booklet with Liner notes
*Entirely new layout
*Limited pressing of 500 Copies only.

Copies can be ordered directly from the label -

Or from such mailorders as Hellride (USA), High Roller (Germany), The Forge (Portugal) etc. We are much in debt to Nick & Russ for this opportunity to again present the album on wax. As everyone knows, vinyl is the choice of champions, and unlike the cheap and nasty releases been issued  and overcharged for by some so called "metal" (Or is is "Magik rock"?) labels in England, BBTD are the masters of high quality. The photo's below naturally do not do this release justice, so we can only suggest that you purchase a copy promptly. 

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Winter Solstice

With less than a week to go to the 21st, and heavy snowstorms predicted we are considering the possibilty that we may have to curtail this years treck to Saddleworth with our friends Titus and Les of SOLOMON KANE. However, if this is the case, the 21st will see the Yorkshire band members propping up a bar,possibly the Riverside Bar in Selby (Except Lenny, who'll be sunning himself in L.A. the flash bastard!). If you're in the area, join us for a drink or 10 and raise a toast to the memory of absent friends and celebrate.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


The last copies of this cassette only release are available from THE FORGE in Portugal. Featuring both live and Studio cuts from the "LAMENTATIONS" and "NEW DARK AGE" eras, its a worthy addition to anyones music collection. We hope again in the future to make another exclusive cassette only release on THE FORGE with Francisco. For ordering please click on the link to the right.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello, Welcome, and Fuck Myspace.

In place of the increasingly commercialised piece of excrement that is myspace, we have opted to create a blog where we can share all our news and opinions. Although there is no media player, there will be some arrangement made for those who wish to hear audio samples before purchasing, or as the case may be, ignoring our music.

We currently have 4 confirmed European shows, in Norway (January 2011), Greece (March 2011), Germany (April 2011) and again, Germany (July 2011). We will post full details shortly.

To commemorate 20 Years of the band, we have some solid silver Solstice Insignia pendants available from Seventh Circle Custom Jewellery. Available as different priced versions, you can also buy these at some of our forthcoming gigs. That's right, solid silver, no cheap fucking nasty pewter. You could even melt some of these down, make a bullet and shoot a lycanthrope.

As you probably already know (Or maybe not) we have no official "Website". This is not of a high priority to us as the internet is usually the home of millions of retarded morons happy to sit on their aerses and criticise the work of others while offering no alternative themselves. However, our vocalist, Mr. Paul Britton runs a facebook group. If you are so inclined, you may view it at your displeasure...or something.