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Thursday, 16 December 2010

"NEW DARK AGE" Vinyl LP Reissue

After a decade of been out of print, the album is finally reissued on vinyl by the incredibly
excellent BURIED BY TIME & DUST Records in the USA. Remastered, this pressing is different to the original METAL SUPREMACY pressing from 2000. The main points of note been -

*Heavyweight case wrapped sleeve
*Foil stamped logo and main title
*180g Black vinyl
*8 page Full colour booklet with Liner notes
*Entirely new layout
*Limited pressing of 500 Copies only.

Copies can be ordered directly from the label -

Or from such mailorders as Hellride (USA), High Roller (Germany), The Forge (Portugal) etc. We are much in debt to Nick & Russ for this opportunity to again present the album on wax. As everyone knows, vinyl is the choice of champions, and unlike the cheap and nasty releases been issued  and overcharged for by some so called "metal" (Or is is "Magik rock"?) labels in England, BBTD are the masters of high quality. The photo's below naturally do not do this release justice, so we can only suggest that you purchase a copy promptly. 

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