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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Good Evening, as a great man used to say. But the question is, is it a good evening? That remains to be seen, and how to set the parametres used to measure the evenings "goodness", if indeed we can measure them at all. Not if we have no yardstick to actually measure anything, or even a pot to piss in. Which is most likely the case in this day and (New Dark) age.
Enough of that though, firstly in response to increased awareness of illegal downloads offered by certain quarters without our knowledge and consent, we have rectified this by uploading our previous recordings to the bandcamp site. These high quality audio files are available as official and legal downloads ONLY from bandcamp. Any other downloads offered either via Itunes (Whom we threatened with legal action unless they complied in removing our songs) or any number of dodgy MP3 sites from eastern Europe are total dogshit quality and will only finance organised crime rings who also specialise in Heroin dealing etc. Fuck these scum.
The recordings are priced modestly, as we feel if you are not actually buying anything physical, and it would be wrong to ask anymore. On the plus side, if you do choose to purchase from us via bandcamp, you are supporting the band directly.
There will be a variety of other downloads available shortly from both SOLSTICE and a couple of related side projects, such as the ONLY authorised digital version of the ISEN TORR "Mighty & Superior" EP, the entire WARTORN discography from 1990 - 1994 (Featuring Rich & Lennaert of SOLSTICE and James of IRON MONKEY) and whatever else we can dredge up in the vain hope of making more money for cider. The bandcamp link can be found to the right of this page in the "Solstice Links" section.
We also recently had some new band photos taken by Mr. David Naylor of Bradford, the first of which already made it onto Face(Arse)book. However, for the sake of those of you sensible enough not to spend your lives posting on there, we shall repost them here.
Handsome bunch of lads, what? Moving swiftly on, and to answer the burning question, yes we will be in the studio very soon, thats all we can say right now, we've been working our collective testicles off correcting the wrongness that had crept over the past 18 months, but, no point in going on about past history, the wait is nearly ever, watch the skies!!