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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


That's a strange set of numbers if we ever saw them, but no time to dwell on the possible numerologcal implications of todays events. More about that later though....As we move forward to the first lot of live performances from the new line up, you can expect to hear both old and new songs. However, despite repeated requests we will be gradually dropping most of the old material barring three songs by the summer as we complete and introduce the new ones into the set.

The reason is simply that we do not wish to dwell in the past, and this is a new beginning for SOLSTICE as a band, and no matter how long it lasts, it would be foolish to become a tribute to ourselves (I myself have been down that road before with the last band I played for - its no fun after a certain point and counterproductive). As well, as a band we have issues that we need to address in our lyrics, and as time moves on, so do our concerns. To mirror this, the lyrics for our next album, "Englander" will address these subjects. There will be less hidden meaning, and no pretense of "Spiritual clarity" or other such nonsense that others market to you (Such as how their dog has died, girlfriend left them, they pissed the bed, or any "Hey nonny no, flight of the Harpie" etc) . Quite simply, the lyrics will be direct and straight to the point, like a fist in the face (Or a crossbow bolt to the kneecap).

We will also not be playing anything from the first two releases and will not ever again. The live set for Oslo at the end of the month will be as follows ;

I Am The Hunter
Cimmerian Codex
The Sleeping Tyrant
New Dark Age II
Aequinoctium II

It is also likely Athens will be the last ever live performance of "Cromlech" also, as we drop that in favour of something new for further dates, and we should also remind people that we will also be playing this weekend at the memorial for our departed friend, Jay Jay Winter of ASOMVEL at the Riverside Bar in Selby.

Finally, we took delivery just after yule of the first custom "Englander" effects pedal. I will post some pictures shortly as it will be put through its paces at some future rehearsals, if the sound is what we are looking for, it will be a fixture in the SOLSTICE pedal chain for both guitars. For now here is a picture of the unfinished pedal casing.

Until the next time, please remember that the Sterling is the greatest Sub-Machine gun ever invented. And if anybody has one to trade, we would be more than willing to take it off your hands.