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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Branded & Exiled

Thanks indeed to that fine fellow, Herr Thomas Schulz, for the creation of this branding iron. For future live assaults, as well as offering cheap beer in the car park, dodgy merchandise and an evenings all round entertainment, we can offer a branding service for your family and friends. I can think of nothing better than having the SOLSTICE logo branded on your arm or chest. We'll be offering this service for a paltry £9.99, with your money back and a ride to the nearest burns unit if you're not satisfied.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Upcoming Live Assaults

Friday September 23rd -
TBC, England

Saturday September 24th -
The Academy, Dublin, Eire - With PRIMORDIAL & DESASTER

Saturday October 1st -
Rios, Bradford, England - With ASOMVEL, PROCESSION & More 

Saturday October 29th -
The Yorkshire House, Lancaster, England - With ELIMINATOR & More

Monday, 8 August 2011

After The Battle....


Paul Carter (Arcane Promotions) & The Arcane Crew, Mia Arnöman & Daniel Berg (Merch Selling Lifesavers!), Sean & Scott at The Old Angel, Gary Cavanagh & The 1 in 12 Club Staff, Driver Charlie, Lee & THE DEAD RESURRECTED, Mikey & Man-J-Lo & Harry Snotter of SLOUGH FEG, Manuel & ATLANTEAN KODEX, Brian Taube (Into The Void), Russ Smith (Black Tears) and Brigadier Wan Malachi (Aka "Wandy McNabb").

And, to everyone who showed up to the "Battles In The North" from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and Ireland - you made it happen....! But most of all, thankyou to Felipe Plaza for an awesome week. Words cannot express our appreciation for your dedication. Hail!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Battles In The North SOLD OUT!

Tickets for the Battles in The North" gig have now sold out. Due to fire regulations, we can only safely have 200 people at the gig, combined with the band members playing on the day, we have reached that limit. It only remains for me to say thankyou to everyone who bought a ticket. To those of you who sat on your arses the past two months and didn't bother mailing until last week, or have been scrabbling around on facebook trying to get one, tough. I have zero sympathy.

Doors open at 2pm on Saturday, gig starts at 2.45pm sharp.

Would all Non UK attendees who have to collect tickets, please come to the venue at 1.30pm, the same applies to those who reserved the last few to collect. Thankyou again, and we'll see you all on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Over, but never out.