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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Glue Tube

Has Chris Barnes been sniffing glue? Or is he sat on some "Adult leisure toy"? Who knows, but the 90 seconds of this youtube short make us wonder, that opening "Yelp" is something beyond words. Polarising I might be, but it's better to be that I feel than some "yes man" nodding my head in agreement to everything. That aside, you can indeed buy one of the last copies of "NEW DARK AGE" from Hellride Music, so make Mr. Barnes happy, and do the right thing. He's a good fellow, despite the burden of not coming from Yorkshire.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Tenth Day

10 days have passed since we announced that we were searching for a new singer, and still the search continues. Although we are trying out a few people in a couple of weeks it would seem unlikely that we will make it to the Greek and German gigs, for this we can only apologise.

Let me explain further, it has been suggested we play with a stand in vocalist, and although we appreciate the 2 solid offers we have (Thankyou Andreas and Felipe!) it would defeat the object and lower SOLSTICE to little more than a tribute band level. This is certainly not for us. We envisioned that we would again be ready to take on all comers, but it is not to be just yet, and in all honesty it could be some time again before we are ready to play live once more.

Also as a result of all the line up problems, we will not be taking on any new bookings in the meantime. It would be stupid to have to go through the same situation. Again I apologise, but when we are ready, first on our agenda will be a show in Greece. Make no mistake, we will be there.

Until then, still contact us if you are wishing to audition for the position of band vocalist, we are keen to hear especially from people based in the "Satanic" North of England. email us via the address.

In other news, the SOLSTICE pendants are now ready, you can order them directly from us, or from from SEVENTH CIRCLE ARTWORKS. Honestly these are simply great, and with a variety of extras of what you are able to order, the price varies to suit all pockets. We ourselves have only the basic pendant on a leather thong though, for the others you must contact SEVENTH CIRCLE.

Finally, work has recommenced by MARTIN HANFORD for the artwork for our next album, it will contain what I feel to be unusual imagery, and dare I say it, be a fist in the face of the "Sword & Sorcery" brigade. I have grown tired of ridiculous covers with bands depicting themselves as muscle bound demi-gods towering over a 7 stone weakling whilst wielding an unlikely looking weapon. The only thing it says to me, is lack of thought and looking to sell albums to the legions of emasculated internet commandos keen to make themselves connect with their "Inner warrior". Whatever....

One more thing, we have a new facebook page - if you are a facebook user you can find it by searching for SOLSTICE-ENGLANDER via the search function. This replaces the old one ran by Paul. And we'll try and keep it updated, honest!

Until the next time, drink and be merry.