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Friday, 4 November 2011

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

And so, after much talking we have decided to split amicably with our drummer Rich Horton, purely for geographical reasons and the fact the distance between us was becoming a hindrance as we are stepping our efforts up a gear or three. We've had some great laughs with Rich, but the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few in this instance. (On a side note, I especially want to thank Alan Averill and all the lads of PRIMORDIAL, H of DME, and the incredible people for their appreciation and support at the Dublin show at the Academy. The 1000 Strong audience, and the laughs we had in the pubs and clubs after with Wing Commander Patrick Clancy will go down in legend. It was also Paul's debut on vocals, and to quote our mate Brucey, "Didn't he do well"?)

Anyways up, stepping into his (Richard's) shoes, we welcome ex-ASOMVEL lunatic "Dirty" Del Nichol, a legend among the pubs and clubs of Yorkshire for his ability to knock the living shit out of a drum kit and not go insane from the eldritch rants of Mr. Lenny Robinson. Del fits us like a size ten steel toe capped boot (Or $500 Cowboy ones if you like) and provides us with the ability and technical expertise we need. We'll be making our live d├ębut at the end of the year with him. We really do feel that we've had an uncanny stroke of luck to find a replacement in our local area. As the astute among you may already know, young Del played on ASOMVEL's "Full Moon Dog" EP, and thus the connection between SOLSTICE and ASOMVEL is further strengthened.

Above : "Dirty" Del Nichol (Alright, he's not really called "Dirty" Del, but it sounded good)

In other news, we'll be announcing the first of next Years European dates shortly, finally a gig in Germany, which we know that many, many people were disappointed that we had to cancel HELL's PLEASURE and Hammer Of Doom, but again, that's life. We lost no sleep over the cancellations, better to show up and be at our best rather than some hackneyed pub rock with geriatric singer wearing a threadbare hairpiece and wailing out of key which seems to be the norm. We're better than than that, we won't stoop to the level of all these charlatans and chancers. We live, breathe and believe in the music we play, you will never catch us trying to record an album in a chicken hut in someone's back garden then trying to fob it off as re-recorded "Old songs".

And so, as the new songs for the next album are still work in progress (we're still jamming and writing), we will release a limited edition Rehearsal Demo, much in the vein of the old "Drunken Dungeon Sessions" tapes which will be available for a limited time only, With three new songs, ("FORTRESS ENGLAND", "I AM THE HUNTER" and "DEATH'S CROWN IS VICTORY") - it will be a small run available around March/April time to coincide with going to the public house and getting intoxicated most likely!! Lordy! Either way, expect to pay a paltry sum, or nothing at all for a copy if you catch us at a gig with copies.

Finally, apologies to all who showed up to the Lancaster gig expecting to see us, due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to make it, we will be back however to drink the Yorkshire House's fine selection of beers and make a loud metallic noise. Thanks especially to Jack of ELIMINATOR for been understanding. Until the next update, with some gig dates and a sneak preview of the INCREDIBLE artwork for the "Englander" album, over, but never out - Kao O Aratte Denaoshite Koi!!