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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Operational Update September 2014

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox, it seems fitting that we can offer a small update into our activities of the last 6 months, aside from travelling to play some shows around Europe, and tidying up some loose ends with the vinyl pressing of "DEATH'S CROWN IS VICTORY", we've been working on songs for our next record pretty much full time. The results are more than satisfying, and with this next release we aim to gain more ground and momentum. The hard work of the past 3 years by myself, Andy and Paul, and the past two years by James and Izak have reduced any previous incarnations of SOLSTICE to formless shades from the past. This truth will become self evident very soon, if it is not already. Not only are the band finally comfortable with each other, but the sense of comradeship grows stronger all the time ; In a way, the band today reminds me of the very first inception with myself, Dave, Brenny, Paul and Gary such are the levels of creativity and the urge to push ourselves harder. Thanks indeed though to MONOLITH CULT and DECEPTOR with whom we share James and Izak with, without the support of both these bands and their understanding we would not have achieved as much.

Looking back, the last 20 copies of "DEATH'S CROWN IS VICTORY" from the second pressing will be available at our show in Glasgow with DARK FOREST and ATLANTEAN KODEX in November. We will also have as ever shirts, patches and CD's We look forward to seeing you all there, it's been too long since we played in Scotland, and with a show in Edinburgh in March 2015 as well, two visits in less than 4 months suits us fine.

Looking forward, there should be rehearsal audio samples online for your listening displeasure in December, of some very epic new material, prior to the full recording of the next record. The artwork for it is pretty much complete, and is simply put, breath-taking. Matching the music we have composed was always going to be a task in itself, but we feel that our chosen artist has outshone himself this time. The contents of the record will be six tracks in total (3 full length heavyweights, and 3 shorter instrumentals) weighing in at about 35 minutes or more.

No doubt the online bottom feeders will again work themselves up into some sort of apoplectic rage at our refusal to surrender to their bullshit. We thank them though, for their bitterness, their jealousy and their childish malice. They bit the hand that fed, and now starve in a desert of mediocrity. Every poisonous bout of their hysteria is proof alone that we wear death's crown as the victors, not the vanquished. And everyone of these utterly ridiculous bouts only serves to spur us on harder to craft finer songs and grander lyrical concepts.

Until December. Watch the skies.