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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello, Welcome, and Fuck Myspace.

In place of the increasingly commercialised piece of excrement that is myspace, we have opted to create a blog where we can share all our news and opinions. Although there is no media player, there will be some arrangement made for those who wish to hear audio samples before purchasing, or as the case may be, ignoring our music.

We currently have 4 confirmed European shows, in Norway (January 2011), Greece (March 2011), Germany (April 2011) and again, Germany (July 2011). We will post full details shortly.

To commemorate 20 Years of the band, we have some solid silver Solstice Insignia pendants available from Seventh Circle Custom Jewellery. Available as different priced versions, you can also buy these at some of our forthcoming gigs. That's right, solid silver, no cheap fucking nasty pewter. You could even melt some of these down, make a bullet and shoot a lycanthrope.

As you probably already know (Or maybe not) we have no official "Website". This is not of a high priority to us as the internet is usually the home of millions of retarded morons happy to sit on their aerses and criticise the work of others while offering no alternative themselves. However, our vocalist, Mr. Paul Britton runs a facebook group. If you are so inclined, you may view it at your displeasure...or something.

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