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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Noise Is For Heroes.

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After some fucking around, here is the player from myspace site. Very soon we will add some rehearsal versions of both old and new tracks for your listening (Dis)pleasure. Although it has to be said that the new line up plays these songs slightly different (yes, that's right, in time and in the correct key this time!!) they are still indictive of the bands overall sound. Nothing has changed, except, we're better looking.

For this reason alone, and contrary to an earlier post we will keep the myspace site alive only to use the free media player. News updates will be posted on here first. Please let it also be said, that facebook is a pile of shite as well, full of gossiping fishwives and other losers.

We will also be ammending our upcoming shows list shortly for 2011. Our sincerest apologies for the postponement of an appearence at HELL'S PLEASURE Festival, but circumstance dictates that we cannot attend this year. However, we should be there in 2012, which is only 18 months away. Also keep your eyes peeled in the Yorkshire and Midlands areas, as we will be playing a number of gigs under two different psuedonymns  opening up as many small shows possible for the hell of it. All the more reason to get out to clubs and support some local bands, right folks?

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