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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Leeds March 17th Flyer

Above is the flyer for our show in Leeds on March 17th with ASOMVEL, and Leeds' TREE OF SORES. We'll be adding some more shows in Europe to the list below ASAP. To those who are interested, we should have a couple more German shows, and a return to Greece, plus currently looking at dates in Norway, Holland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. Thankyou to all who have contacted us so far looking to book the band.

Last week we began to fine tune the current set, and look again at new equipment upgrades and replacements so we can deliver the heaviest possible show. In years gone by, we would have been satisfied with £4.99 guitar cables, cheap Japanese effects pedals  and knackered transistor amplifiers - but thankfully those days are many years behind us (Though it would seem that some people still love them!??).

There's little else to say at the moment, except, epic metal is war! Oh yeah, and buy some more shirts from Nightgaunt or Metal Supremacy. Go on, you know you want to.....honest. No, really, you do...(cue evil laughter)

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