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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Last Orders At The Bar!

The last SOLSTICE gig of 2012, and most likely the last European gig before the recording and release of the "ENGLANDER" album will be - 

November 10th - Hammer Of Doom Festival, Germany. 

We will hopefully see some of you there. Also coming soon -

"Næfre Forlæte"
Limited 3 song Rehearsal Demo (Cassette)

1) Fortress England
2) I Am The Hunter
3) Death's Crown Is Victory

For those of you who do not own a cassette player, we will provide a free download of the songs upon request when ready, please note, FREE. You should not purchase these, or any other songs in the MP3 format by SOLSTICE for that matter via any internet medium. They are sold illegally if so, with no consent of the band. As we have have said before, the cassette tape will be limited and given away at future gigs, again for free. Or for a charitable donation to a worthwhile cause we may choose in the future. More on that soon.

"Næfre Forlæte" 
European Dates 2012 Shirt & Posters 
Brand new exclusive design by Adrian of Coven Art in Spain. Below is a sample of the incredible artwork he has created for us. Shirts will be black/white print on an iron grey garment.

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