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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Tape me up, before you go

Pre-orders are now beginning on the cassette version of "DEATH'S CROWN IS VICTORY" via INTO THE VOID Records. The actual Release date will be announced in the next few days, and the pressing is limited to 300 copies so move fast if you want a  copy. Vinyl pre-orders will begin about 7days after we have approved the test pressings, which we are expecting to receive this week. The "winning bid" on the compact disc licensing deal will be announced very soon too, but we are still discussing the various offers that have been propsed. We were in the unique position of being offered deals from 5 reputable labels, and 1 label ran by clearly someone who has suffered severe trauma to their brain, and to top it off nicely, we were also offered a publishing and promotional deal from another reputable company in Germany. Clearly, there is life in the old dog yet!!

Tape sleeve Outer

Tape Sleeve inner

But back to the tape. You can make a pre-order on the cassette by visiting the INTO THE VOID RECORDS webstore at the following address :
Also on the horizon, we will be announcing more gigs, more unruliness and more general upsetting of the weak willed and slack jawed who think by posting away as fast as they can on facebook about their opinions (i.e. some imaginary gripe because they tried to rip us off or they were told to fuck off) someone actually gives a fuck about their point of view and we will go away. It's time to bring the Hammer Of Damnation down on their skulls and shut these yapping fishwives up.

We would like to thank sincerely everyone who bought a download officially from the bandcamp site, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. Far exceeding our initial expectations, we have noticed also since the opening deluge of the first week, a steady stream of purchases that are occurring on a daily basis. We will be honest, we cannot understand why bands are charging £7 GBP and more for a digital recording, the most we will be charging is £4, anything else is utterly shameful and a rip off. Clearly, some bands are purely in it for the money and their brief 30 seconds of fame...

Finally, watch out for upcoming features and interviews with ourselves in such publications as ZERO TOLERANCE (UK), METAL HAMMER (Greece) and SWEDEN ROCK (Sweden, naturally).

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